Long-standing experience in the media sector

appselect GmbH has its registered office in Dresden and specialises in the sale of media concepts and licensed products. Its predecessor was campus-trading Handelsgesellschaft mbH, established in 1984, but today the company develops and operates software for easy digital publications and a franchise-based cross-media brand.


Great potential

Establishment of the port01.com brand: At first, the company was only active as an online photo community on the Dresden nightclub scene, but it soon became clear that this “brilliant idea” had potential. High traffic and interesting joint venture offers motivated us to continue our development of the cross-media concept and to prepare for its expansion into other cities in Germany.


A new core product

Our port01 “baby” was a hit among young people, local companies and future partners in other regions. The first edition of our free city magazine with a handy pocket-sized format appeared in Dresden, with a number of other cities soon participating in this monthly project, turning it into a core product.


Easy digital publishing

We have always been interested in the changing media sector; we are certain that the future will be all about digital publications. Our latest product is intelligent software, which makes exactly this possible. Quick, easy and cheap. The ideal tool for many companies and institutions. Distribution in German-speaking countries began in May 2015.

Our passion for what we do cannot be measured in figures. Really.

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Felix C.A. Wittig

Felix C.A. Wittig

Managing director

“I am really enthusiastic about the technical options that are developing at such a rapid pace – while at the same time viewing them critically. I am not a technically-minded person. This is something I share with many other people: ultimately I can only make use of meaningful solutions if they aren’t very complicated or very expensive. This is exactly what we seek to achieve with our products.”

Our mission

“An individual professional content app for every company!”

With this aim in mind, we focus all our energy on the constant development of our products and providing our business partners with the setup they need ─ from marketing concepts to back-office and technical support.

Our philosophy

Quick and easy publishing
– while reaching many people!”

The media sector is constantly changing.

Thanks to the internet and mobile technology, news is almost instantly available today and can, in principle, be accessed anywhere at any time. Our declared intention is and has always been to achieve the greatest possible flexibility and customised handling when developing our products, because, no matter how technical progress is made, one thing remains certain: it is all about content. You can only focus on content if you do not need to concern yourself with accounting, technical production, marketing and support as well. We regard this as a setup that can be centrally provided and that will benefit both our partners and our clients in many ways. After all, the most important thing on our clients’ mind is content that can be published quickly and at no great cost, while reaching many people. No more, but also no less.

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