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Our own franchise media brand, port01, is the original case study and application example.

select PRO as the ideal add-on:

Crossmedia magazine is based on regionally specific print editions, but is now also published via individual apps as a live, interactive epaper with lots of additional content and fantastic features. This not only increases reader contact and ensures a better reach, but also allows the advertising industry to discover an entire range of new opportunities for cross-media campaigns and publications.

Explanatory video using port01 Regensburg (magazine) as an example

Wittig · Ünalp Attorney App: An interview with attorney Wittig

For the Wittig · Ünalp attorneys' office, select PRO is the ideal tool for providing comprehensive information to clients and colleagues.

select PRO as the ideal tool:

The app bundles specific judgements, detailed commentaries and additional messages and background data in your specialised field. One of the great advantages for the attorneys is that all content is now available anywhere and at all times, even without an internet connection.

Publish your content on every major platform. Quickly, easily and cheaply.